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Backpack Chair Quite wide
Sep 11, 2017

The backpack system is a very important part of the backpack, Backpack Chair TATONKA tower card folding backpack carrying system, which designed an ergonomic comfortable pad, the aluminum alloy skeleton conduction to the weight, distributed in the backpack on both sides of the belt , Backpack Chair To ensure a comfortable bear experience. And folding chairs and served as the role of the bracket, providing a certain degree of support, the weight of the backpack scattered in the back, and not pressure on the shoulders, so long time will not bear the burden, uncomfortable. Another point to say is that although there are aluminum folding chairs in, Backpack Chair but the weight of the entire backpack only 1.1kg, be very light of the.

Speaking of usefulness, folding backpack can play a role in the occasion or quite a wide range, in addition to some outdoor travel, hiking, photography, fishing, Backpack Chair camping and so on. Let me feel the deepest is the overcrowding of the station or train. Looking around, all the head, waiting room chairs are filled, and already more tired, plus this time the train and late, how painful comprehend. Backpack Chair But with this folding chair backpack, roar, all this is a cloud of the.

In particular, the present invention relates to a lightweight, durable, adjustable, Backpack Chair fast and easily convertible into a carry-on backpack for transporting it and its accessories to any Destination chair.

Related to the description of the existing technology There are a variety of chairs and backpacks on the market. Backpack Chair There are a variety of different shapes and sizes of indoor or outdoor chairs. Backpack Chair Many chairs are permanent, while others are mobile or portable. Some portable chairs can be folded into several parts for easy transport and storage. Some backpacks are suitable for everyday use, Backpack Chair while others are suitable for hiking and camping. Whether it is a portable chair or a backpack, Backpack Chair every day by consumers for various reasons to carry and apply to different places.

There are many problems with the transport of collapsible portable chairs on the market today. First of all, it is cumbersome and not easy to take. One of the difficulties is that when the chair is in the folded position, Backpack Chair the weight is unbalanced. Another difficulty arises from the fact that the back support and the leg support of the chair tend to be opened when the chair is folded, and is liable to be dangerous when carried in an open state.

When people have to carry other items in addition to the chair to travel, Backpack Chair the lack of existing technology will be further revealed. Backpack Chair For example, when people carry out outdoor activities, Backpack Chair always like to bring some such as picnic baskets, beach towels, radio, Backpack Chair sunscreen, money, food and beverages and other items. It is very difficult for a person to carry a chair and all these things at the same time. The best thing is that both hands are used to hold these things, Backpack Chair so that when dealing with an emergency need to use one or two arms or hands to help a child, it is easy to hurt; , For a person too much things to take, Backpack Chair Backpack Chair these things are easy to scattered down. Backpack and folding chairs between the use of four-point ribbon with a buckle combination, solid and durable, do not worry about carrying the process of backpack and folding chair between the separation.

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