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Bicycle Accessories Overall characteristics
Sep 11, 2017

The frame is equivalent to the human skeleton, with the frame to install a variety of bicycle parts. The frame is made of iron, aluminum alloy and other materials, according to the length of the composition of the angle of the impact of the overall characteristics of bicycles. For example, a good bike riding a bike, Bicycle Accessories easy to turn the bike, riding a bike ride, etc., decided that many of these factors are from the frame.

Light, prison, good elasticity is one of the goals of the pursuit of the frame, in order to achieve this goal, but also depends on the various frame manufacturers of the process. If the design of the frame is based on the strength and characteristics of the material to design, Bicycle Accessories welding process is mature. Which directly affect the appearance of the frame, strength and flexibility. There is a more important thing is to paint, a good frame painting evenly, and spray 3-4 layer of paint. Do not underestimate the painting, Bicycle Accessories good paint can make the bicycle easy to maintain, not rusty. If you use a frame that does not meet the above requirements, it is possible to produce a bike that can not be routed straight or difficult to turn or quickly.

The most is the iron frame, but the iron frame is also divided into chrome molybdenum steel, high strength steel, ordinary steel and other iron in the other parts of the frame, adding these other ingredients, can be made such as thinner pipe, Making the overall frame lighter. Bicycle Accessories Recently, on the basis of not reducing the strength, there has been a frame using materials other than iron, such as aluminum alloy material. There are bicycles in the use of titanium metal carbon fiber frame

A variety of parts mounted on the frame have their own role, for example, the brakes are to stop the bike safely; pedal is to power to the wheel, etc., Bicycle Accessories the production and sale of these parts of the specialized factory known as Bicycle parts manufacturers, well-known parts manufacturers every year to develop new products, these products are available to the major bike manufacturers, and then appear in the market.

Simply speaking is both light and firm, and performance is better. Because with these conditions bike ride only easy, safe and convenient. But to achieve all of the above conditions, you need a good material. So, bicycle parts are often a specific factor in the price of bicycles around. The best thing is to be able to participate in the Olympic cycling race parts. Whether it is the strength of the performance or weight are using the best materials.

If the good parts of the assembly is not good, it would like to have been through the architects by the heart of the design, there is no experienced craftsmen to build the same house, so that you fear every day, for fear it will collapse. Bicycle Accessories So, if you do not want to buy later regret, Bicycle Accessories you should understand this knowledge.

Many people mistakenly believe that the bike is equipped with a transmission in order to speed up the ride speed, in fact, people can send the maximum force of only 0.4 horsepower. The transmission is a tool that helps people get the most out of the horse.

General bicycles are used in the city, the city actually has a lot of slopes. For example, sometimes you will feel the pedal riding a sudden sinking, Bicycle Accessories with the eyes can not judge the slope is often more. At this time, the role of the transmission can be fully reflected, if there is a transmission, then, as long as the light can be replaced by a lighter gear can easily ride. Of course, the same can be used in the wind when the wind.

The advantage of the transmission is that it helps you to reduce your physical exertion in poor physical conditions. Such as cold, physical exertion can not be too large, so if you choose to ride a lighter number of teeth than when riding will be very easy. There are women who are physically ill, Bicycle Accessories the students should be flexible when using the variable speed bike. So the benefits of the speed car is indeed too much.

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