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Bike Backpacks Better fixation
Sep 11, 2017

To pick a bike ride backpack is good or bad, Bike Backpacks from a scientific point of view, a riding backpack must have to carry the system, loading system, fabric selection, breathable row design. And from the needs of outdoor riding point of view, Bike Backpacks backpack accessories need to have water bag outlet, sleeping bags, rain cover, helmet fixed equipment, and so important factors.

The backpack system consists of a backplate, Bike Backpacks shoulder strap, chest strap and belt, and the backplane is used to support the entire backpack. Good backpack can be evenly dispersed backpack gravity. Shoulder straps and waist pads and chest straps play an important role in fixed, must be adjustable, according to individual size, different debugging, in order to better fixed, Bike Backpacks reduce friction. In addition, the shoulder strap and belt contact with the skin parts should be soft and flexible, effective on the shoulder strap or belt up and down friction from the elastic vibration. Chest not only need to adjust the length, Bike Backpacks it should be fixed on the chest strap on the slide-type, easy to adjust to the personal comfortable position.

Backpack usually has a main bag, side bag, with bags and other components. Riding packages will be done relatively small, generally not more than 30L, generally 10L, Bike Backpacks 14L, 18L, 20L, 25L and so on. So through the backpack of the various parts of the bag design, you can better distribution of objects, the rational use of capacity, of course, more important is easy to take.

General riding bag with PU coated nylon fabric (for example: PU coated 450D polyester, 210D nylon), with waterproof, anti-dry knot, wear, tear and other effects. Bike Backpacks A backpack of the durable or not, the fabric is the main determinant, I think we do not want to meet the donkey line to half, there is the backpack was broken things.

When riding, Bike Backpacks the backpack is the whole buckle on the back, riding if the back is not ventilated, sticky sweat cover on the back that would be quite uncomfortable. Backpack adds a grid of resin plates to isolate the back with the body. Good riding bag in the shoulder strap and waist pad inside the use of 3D breathable mesh design, to the air a flow of space, effectively maintain the body contact parts of the dry.

The helmet is used for fixing the helmet. Bike Backpacks Sometimes when riding into the woods, or into some relatively low places, wearing a helmet can not correctly determine the height. And after a long period of time the head will sweat, remove the helmet when the net with a pocket fixed on it.

The package design a special water bag compartment, but also play a fixed role on the water bag, Bike Backpacks so as not to bump on the road when the water bag will move in the bag. Water bag exports easy to ride anytime, anywhere to drink water. Shoulder on the design of the two water bag suction pipe buckle, according to the user habits, the straw fixed to the left or right, so that the tube will be exposed to the wind when the wind was dangling.

Rain cover is essential, Bike Backpacks rain can protect the backpack and bag items are not wet. Sleeping bags, easy to sleep bags do not say, Bike Backpacks even if not sleeping bags, can also be easily connected with the main bag zipper fast extract.

High-quality ribbon surface smooth, soft texture, astringent smooth, strong bearing, bear the tension up to 200 kg or more. Fasteners work more solid, the use of flexible, Bike Backpacks good fastener operation effortlessly, a card will hear "click" of the sound, that has been good card, the general fastener card is more hesitant, not reliable, there is the possibility of natural detachment The

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