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Bike Handlebar Pouch
Aug 22, 2018



The Pouch is one of several urban commuting bags designed by TOURBON. At a one-half liter capacity, it allows just enough room for the essentials on a pedal to the pub. This small bag is right-sized for your wallet, phone and sunglasses.


The bag is designed to hang on a top tube, bars, or the rails of a Brooks saddle via two leather, buckle-style, straps.

The coated canvas outer will shed a light rain, but a flap closure makes the bag apt for dry days.


A brass grommet on the backside serves as a port for headphones. Listening while riding made the most sense when the bag was hanging on the bike’s bars. but attention to have headphones attached to your bike in safe position or will put them at risk for getting wrapped up in a wheel


The Pouch is a great little bag for riding around the city. Available in Navy, Army Green and Khaki Brown.

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