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Bolts Holder
May 25, 2018

Bolts can be a hassle when packing or storing a rifle (even who owns more than one rifle with a bolt). It's also nice to disable a firearm for storage in the home by removing and locking up the bolt. Tourbon case will make that so much easier.





Tourbon® Bolt Holder is made of quality textured and well stritched canvas

    Thick inner padded to protect your rifle bolt from damaged

    Has a quality genuine leather "Tourbon" logo patch

    With heavy duty metal zipper closure

    Special shape designed, large enough to hold most bolts

    A belt loop on the other side, can be attached to your gear or belt

    Keep the bolt separate when transporting rifle for security 

    Fits .243, 375H&H, Mosin Nagant,17hmr, 308, long action bolts ect.

    A simple but practical device, essential accessory for any hunter and shooter.

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