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Cartridge Holder Internal mechanical structure
Sep 11, 2017

In general, small household or office printers should not be placed on the ground, Cartridge Holder especially the carpeted ground, because it is easy to have foreign matter or dust into the machine inside. And autumn and winter season, if the room is relatively cold and too dry, Cartridge Holder it is best to a larger thick cloth cover in the printer, in particular, will be into the paper and paper, etc. Cartridge Holder cover all, because the nozzle in the printer If you can ensure that the cold air, but not too much into the printer space, then, to prevent the ink droplets on the print nozzle solidification, or it is easy to cause the plug, Cartridge Holder resulting in decreased printing results.

In addition, due to the way the printer itself works, the printer must be placed in a horizontal plane, Cartridge Holder tilting work will not only affect the printing effect, Cartridge Holder slow down the nozzle speed, and will damage the internal mechanical structure.

To develop a good habit of regularly cleaning the inkjet printer, you can make the printer to maintain a good working condition.

The outside of the printer can be wiped with a soft cloth, clean liquid must be a neutral substance such as water, must not use alcohol. The internal as far as possible with a dry cloth to wipe, Cartridge Holder and can not touch the internal electronic components, mechanical devices.

General cleaning and maintenance work includes the following steps: Open the cover of the inkjet printer, carefully clean the inside, remove the printer internal dust, stains, ink stains and shredded paper. Cartridge Holder In particular, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the drive shaft, Cartridge Holder which can be used to wipe the dust and oil on the guide shaft with a dry absorbent cotton swab. After cleaning, two drops of sewing machine oil can be dropped on the drive shaft. Be careful not to wipe the gears, printheads, Cartridge Holder and areas near the print cartridges during cleaning work. Do not move the printheads or use volatile liquids such as thinner, gasoline, etc.

In addition, the nozzle cleaning as far as possible not to do it manually, the best way is to use software-controlled print head cleaning program to complete. Cartridge Holder Especially after adding ink, be sure to clean the print head, to prevent the two kinds of ink mixed to produce solidification.

In addition, if the print quality occurs when the print streak, color loss and other print quality degradation, the same need to clean the nozzle. If the blockage is more serious, Cartridge Holder use the syringe to the nozzle, keep pulling the pressure device, so that high-speed air flow cleaning nozzle.

3, installed with ink must use

Because color cartridges are expensive, Cartridge Holder users are reluctant to use, but this will also bring you a lot of trouble. The ink is always sprayed with ink, Cartridge Holder and the new ink in the cartridge will rinse off the last remaining ink, Cartridge Holder otherwise they will slowly solidify and cause the nozzle to clog. Even without ink, the machine will automatically clean the nozzle, but cause a greater waste.

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