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Fishing Accessories Installation direction
Sep 11, 2017

Whether it is the sea pole throw pole fishing, or Luya fishing, Fishing Accessories floating fish fishing, fly fishing need to use the fish wheel, also used on how to line up the line in the fish line to ensure that no fish Net line of the situation, Fishing Accessories resulting in "lost his wife and soldiers off" the outcome.

The installation of the fishing box accessories should be based on the use of personal habits, if it is left-handed fishing friends, Fishing Accessories then pay attention to the installation and pictures of the installation direction of the transfer. The narrow surface of the fishing box is facing or facing the direction of the water, which specific water is based on the installation of accessories to decide, Fishing Accessories that is, which can be a narrow surface of the water. Is the bait box holder, installed in the left hand facing the direction of water. Specific left and right and up and down the direction of the need to install the bait box after the use of personal habits to adjust, the principle is to keep the food box, Fishing Accessories as far as possible to install the bait box under the shelf, but can not affect the bait box rotation.

On the ground is the original plastic accessories, the shelf is used by the fisherman, installed in the ride on the left hand side of the fishing man. Its mounting surface is a wrap angle shape that is directly installed in the corresponding angle of the horn corner can be. The installation of the need to pay attention to the location of the upper and lower places because the installation of fishermen, Fishing Accessories the location of the fisherman if the high is the impact of fishing throw line, it is easy to hook on the fishing, but the installation is too low in the fishing process each time Fish to go home have to bend over a lot of feeling tired, Fishing Accessories even if the use of hook pick hook is not convenient. It is recommended in the installation of the time must consider a comprehensive and then start.

The pole bracket is mounted on the opposite side of the fisherman's bracket, Fishing Accessories which is also installed at the angle. In accordance with the height of the fishing knife to adjust to the most appropriate height can be installed.


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