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Fishing Accessories Material
Sep 11, 2017

Fishing on the fish to use the fish on the water in order to keep fresh, the size of the fish care of the points, different styles, there are bamboo, there are other materials. Most of the bamboo is small, only suitable for the installation of some small fish, when the need to tie a long rope in the fish, so convenient in the lower cliff on the fish will be soaked in water soak. There is also a metal and nylon made, Fishing Accessories like a copy of the fish-like care, can be pulled very long, can accommodate big fish, but suitable for the beach, gravel beach or beach and other shallow water use. In the use of this fish care, the rope should be wrapped around the stone is not easy to move, to prevent the fish after the release of fish to float.

At the same time the use of multiple fishing rod is, pole pole to play a role. Because the pole holder can hold several fishing rods at the same time. Fishing Accessories There are a variety of pole racks, there are inserted into the sand, a tripod type, you can cooperate with the fishing environment to choose.

With the air pump, the bucket of fish will have enough oxygen, will not cause the death of the fish. Air pumps are usually available for dry operation.

When the fish slippery and can not grasp, you need to wear gloves. With gloves, not only can prevent the fish slippery situation, but also to prevent the fish to the fish. Glove material is best to use leather, because the leather is thick enough, but also more secure. Note that rubber gloves or labor gloves can not be used instead.

Catch the fish is not too big, you can use a bucket loaded, filled with water, such as re-use pump to get home, can also stay home after the fresh.

Fishing big fish when it is inseparable from the copy network. When the fish is pulled out of the water, the fish will struggle, even if the fish has been spent, Fishing Accessories but also because of the sudden loss of who buoyancy and fall. At this time it is easy to pull off the fishline. And if there is a copy of the net, you can quickly leave the fish just left the fish.

1. Drop-shaped space beans: the role of a round buckle into a double line set in the pole slightly after, remember not simply set on the pole slightly, and when the double line buckle on the pole slightly, Fishing Accessories and then push the space beans lock Stay sets. The purpose of the use of droplet-shaped space beans is to slide when the main line of friction is relatively small, not easy to damage the main line.

2. Eight characters knot: the role is to make a double line deduction, with the purpose of the character is because the eight characters knot line tension is small, Fishing Accessories and make the knot, the knot for the line is a straight line. This is one of the most practical knot!

3. Mark the columnar space beans: the role is if the replacement to the lighter areas of fishing, the beans do not move the case, back to fishing point fishing, Fishing Accessories you can immediately adjust the mark as the original water level.

4. Locked on the column-shaped space beans: As the drift seat on the fixed beans, and the next lock with the beans, the general and floating seat at the same time move.

5. Drift seats: inserted in such as floating, fixed floating with.

6. Under the lock pillar space beans: as the drift seat under the fixed beans, with the locked beans with the general and drift seat at the same time move.

7. The next marked column space beans: the role is to change to the deeper areas of fishing, the beans do not move the case, back to fishing point fishing, Fishing Accessories you can immediately adjust the mark as the original water level.

8. on the lock lead leather shell space beans: as a lead on the fixed beans, with the next lock with the beans, the general and the lead seat at the same time move.

9. lead leather seat: for the installation (volume) lead skin.

10. under the lock lead leather shell space beans: as the lead under the base of the fixed beans, with the locked beans with the general and lead leather seats at the same time move.

11. lead pickle buffer beans: the role is in the lead seat was stuck or other reasons lead to lead down quickly slide down, under the impact of the lock lead leather shells, near the impact of the ring, the damage under the lock Lead leather shells, and even damage the character line when the main line knot.

12. Main line eight characters ring connection: the use of ordinary fast trolley single knot, where the strength requirements are high, knot length is more than eight rings, and the end of the need to play a simple double buckle as insurance.

13. Eight characters: connecting the main line with the line,Fishing Accessories if the fishing can be used in ordinary elephant crucible, if fishing large fish, it is best to use the power of the eight ring. Ordinary character ring, in the bottom of the pile, Fishing Accessories the force pull the pole, the line is basically no extension, but the installation of the power ring, will be extended a lot, Fishing Accessories this is the practice proved, so the power of the ring on the protection of sub-line is very obvious.

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