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MOCAR has settled in Berlin, Germany, the world's 200th city
Nov 27, 2017

High-speed rail, Alipay, riding bicycles, online shopping is known as modern China's "new four big inventions." As a premier company in the field of bicycle sharing in China, Wushi Bicycle not only takes the lead in overall strength ahead of other players, but also enjoys great benefits in international expansion. On November 21, the Bicyclists announced their start-up operation in Berlin, Germany, providing smart travel services to citizens and tourists in Berlin

Chris Martin, vice president of international business at Motorcycle Bike, said: "Berlin is the ideal place for us to launch the smart-sharing bike service in Germany and we think Berlin is the perfect place to be the 200th city for motorbikes, with the introduction of motorbikes for the 21st century Innovative design of bicycles. "It is reported that the motorcycle sharing bicycle can be used mobile phone book in advance, you can also sweep the code unlock the direct use of idle vehicles, the initial operating phase charge 1 euro every 30 minutes of the cost.

Germany is the birthplace of bicycles. In 2017, it coincides with the 200th anniversary of the invention of bicycles. The cycling bicycles bring the "wisdom of China" to the German market. This innovative model and innovative products like smart sharing bicycles will be brought to Germany or to bicycle inventors And a special tribute to the bike culture. Therefore, riding a bicycle to start the German business is of extraordinary significance.

Innovative technologies are the basis for sharing bicycles to the sea. When riding bicycles in overseas markets, they fully communicate with the local government and traffic management departments to deepen their understanding and interaction and comprehensively grasp comprehensive data on overseas cities such as environment, laws and regulations and cultural features. Worshiper bicycles will be designed according to the requirements of each city traffic travel, pay attention to operating mechanism that adapts to local conditions and innovation and change. The stationed in Berlin, Germany, is to give full play to the advantages of local conditions for scientific management and operation and maintenance.

Each biker has a built-in smart multi-mode global positioning system (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and other systems) smart lock, which allows the cyclists to track cycling status and location at any time. It is worth mentioning that Motorcycle Cyclists develop innovative solutions supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) using databases that accumulate more than 30TB of data per day, which can meet the needs of users and enhance the user's travel experience.

With its innovative business models and smart technologies, Motorcycle Cycling offers an efficient solution for low-carbon urban travel and enjoys more and more honors. As a representative of China's innovation and China's smart-building, Mountaineering Bike is also named by Fortune magazine as one of "50 Companies to Change the World in 2017".

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