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Recoil Pad
Apr 24, 2018

Recoil Pad



Tourbon Brand Buttstock holder is full leather construction on the outside with a Velcro strap. Inside the slip is a spongy recoil pad hidden away. Which one will cushion the recoil quite well.


Easy to put on the stock and remove. Provides great shoulder cushion, and with looks to match a high quality firearm.


It will not come off or jump left or right like various other rubber versions.

Vintage and universal designed. The color blends in with most stocks.

Serve as a slight cheek riser, or at least a cheek cushion on a hard or cold stock during winter.


It will also work as a slight stock extension giving taller shooters an extra inch and a better hold on the rifle in the shoulder for a low powered rifle or shotgun. 


There are two sizes for your option. Small Outer size: 5''x 1.97''x 4.53'', suitable for 4.5"~4.9" gun stock; Large Outer Size: about 5.5''x 1.97''x 4.53'', fit for gun stock about 5"~5.2"


It’s an ideal accessory for almost any traditional rifle or shotgun. Makes a difference if you shooting more than one round.





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