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Snap Cap Anti-fatigue strength
Sep 11, 2017

How does the cap increase its fatigue strength?

 Surface heat treatment is defined by the surface of the steel surface heating, Snap Cap cooling, change the surface properties of the metal heat treatment process, the specific characteristics of the surface heat treatment of the cap equipment you understand?

1, hardness

High temperature induction surface heat treatment hardness than ordinary furnace heat treatment to high 2HRC ~ 3HRC.

2, wear resistance

The wear resistance and fatigue wear resistance of surface heat treatment under dry friction sliding wear are higher than those of ordinary heat treatment parts due to the small grain size of martensite in the microstructure, Snap Cap the higher dispersion of carbides and the higher pressure The comprehensive results.

3, fatigue strength

Surface heat treatment can significantly improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece. Such as 40MnB steel car axle, the original process for the overall quenching and tempering, Snap Cap quenching and tempering + surface heat treatment, life expectancy increased by nearly 20 times, in addition, the surface heat treatment reduces the parts of the gap sensitivity.

Card cap surface heat treatment is to improve the characteristics of the product, while being widely used in various industries, Snap Cap which are inseparable from its characteristics.

The key steps in the process of capping

  Heat treatment process can improve performance, mechanical equipment in the industrial production in the position of irreplaceable, and steel microstructure is also the most complex, so a wide range of heat treatment process, annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering heat treatment is the "four The fire ", Snap Cap this article mainly in-depth exploration of the process of handling a card-fire - annealing.

1, complete annealing, also known as recrystallization annealing, generally referred to as annealing, generally as some of the important work of the final heat treatment, Snap Cap or as some of the workpiece pre-heat treatment.

2, ball annealing is mainly used for eutectoid carbon steel and alloy tool steel, its main purpose is to reduce the hardness, improve the machinability,Snap Cap and for the future to prepare for quenching.

3, to stress annealing, Snap Cap also known as low-temperature annealing, this technology in the process of processing the card cap annealing is mainly used to eliminate castings, forgings, welding parts, hot-rolled parts, cold drawn parts and other residual stress. Snap Cap If these stresses are not eliminated, it will cause the steel to deform or crack after a certain period of time, or during subsequent cutting. One of the complete annealing and spheroidizing annealing are closely related, both in the use of close, inseparable.

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