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TOURBON Brand Dog Waistcoat Vest
Aug 31, 2018


TOURBON Brand Dog Waistcoat Vest is made of neoprene 5mm thickness.

It has heavy duty Velcro to keep on which covers molded nylon zipper.

Nice and soft rim around the neck liner to avoid irritation.

Reinforced seams for durability, a nice logo stitched in.

Allowed your buddy good movement and didn’t restrict him at all.

Improves dog's buoyancy, perfect for training.

Keeps dog warm whilst hunting water fowl.

We offer S/M/L/XL Size for fitting most of dogs' need.

If you have a strong feeling over which size you’d like to buy, just don’t worry. 

There’s a size list for your reference. 


Here also comes a set of pictures from TOURBON fans.

Just stand out from the rest by taking one to your buddy!

We are waiting for your cool pictures!


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