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Tourbon brand new high quality premium shells
Dec 03, 2018


Tourbon brand new high quality premium shells (not recycled like other sellers)

It’s one set well packed in a plastic box, there are 3 colors (red/ green/ blue) for your choice.

Used for training purposes for loading/unloading/jam/flinching exercises.

The length is 44mm and diameter is 20mm


Ultra absorbent impact-resistant compound will never crack, crumble or degrade when struck by firing pin.

Unlikely to break and leave part of itself stuck in the barrel like some plastic snap caps.

These are some use tips and pictures share from our customer.


The centre of the snapcaps resembles a cartridge in size and shape. The centre of the snapcaps is a cover of hardened metal, in most cases brass.

Under the central strike point is a strong spring.


You pull the trigger, the firing pin strikes as if on a cartridge, the spring takes the strain and you then have an uncocked shotgun.


That is so much better for the weapon than either leaving it cocked or "dry firing".


Dry firing is simply pulling the trigger on an empty chamber. If there is no resistance to the firing pin there is a chance, slim, but still a chance that the firing pin will over extend, breaking free within your weapon.


It is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix if you have the correct parts and know how to do the repair.

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