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Tourbon Outdoor Hunting Backpack Day Pack Rusack with Rifle Gun Holder
Apr 02, 2018

Quiet, roomy, and comfortable for toting field accessories, the Outdoor Hunting Backpack Day Pack Rusack just might be the best pack around for carrying your calls, compasses, knife, snacks, ammo, or other hunting essentials, you can carry the load in confidence for years to come.


The Tourbon Hunting bag is well made the stitching is strong and doubled over unlike most back pacs from China. Hunting Backpack is made of Incredibly strong 600D Fabric and Has a rifle/gun holder on the back.Perfect size for stalking. Excellent for carrying the gun whilst freeing up hands ,if you put the barrel through the area on the backpack at the top where you would hang it from, it is a lot more stable. Other than that its a good quality small backpack that can hold a full size rifle,Overall it is a nice quality daypack with plenty of room for essentials, with plenty of adjustment for Rifle Gun.


Hunted with a backpack and a gun sling around...this made it much easier and more comfortable for you to hike thru the woods,and excellent backpack has a bladder pouch for any water hydration system.Great rifle pouch comfortable easy on you for long hunting trips or a great go bag.


It's very good for long hike to and from base camp. It's was very durable in the mountains of Montana. Everything fit perfect in this pack for you! This pack is a must have for any hunter looking for an inexpensive pack but very affordable that's very durable!


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