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Autumn Colors Around China
Oct 15, 2018


Tourists experience the tradition of "shaiqiu" in Guifeng village, Sanming city, Fujian province, Oct 6, 2018. In "shaiqiu", a time-honored practice prevalent in many Chinese villages during harvest time in autumn, farmers put agricultural produce such as corn and chili peppers in bamboo baskets to sun-dry them. The variety of colors on the ground adds to the pleasure of the harvest


Villagers drive a herd of cattle through the woods in Qinyuan county, Shanxi province, Oct 10, 2018. Autumn has turned the local forest into a mesmerizing golden landscape.


An aerial photo taken on Oct 4, 2018, shows the autumn scenery of the Mountain Resort and its outlying temples in Chengde, Hebei province. Covering a total area of 611.2 hectares, the Mountain Resort has temples of many architectural styles and imperial gardens blended effortlessly into a landscape of lakes, pastureland and forests.


Mesmerizing autumn scenery of Wulan Butong Grassland in North China's Inner Mongolia

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