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Backpack Chair Using A Separate Design
Sep 11, 2017

Outdoor travel, backpack is indispensable supplies. Backpack Chair But a lot of time, we are tired, need to stop to rest, and there is no suitable place, Backpack Chair which is more headaches. This time, how to want to have a small stool, small pagoda to let yourself relax for a while.

The collapsible seat backpack looks like the shoulder bag we usually use, and can be used to carry items. But the difference is that it is embedded in the seat, the designer in the design of the seat and backpack with a separate design, usually the seat folded in the backpack of the backpack, pull the zipper will release the stent, It becomes a cushion, sit up and be more comfortable.

The backpack chair comes from a Spanish designer, named "Nomadic Chair" (Nomadic Chair), because it is not a fixed ownership, with the use, free time into the package; no screws or glue, relying on wood Between the tenon and the buckle can be quickly assembled. In the course of travel, Backpack Chair in addition to as a chair may also be sent to other unexpected use of it.

TATONKA tower card latest folding chair is designed to solve this problem and the development of new products. This folding backpack creatively combines the backpack with the folding chair, so as to achieve a package of dual-use, both as a backpack to load the necessary supplies outdoors, Backpack Chair but also can be started as a small Mazar, Backpack Chair tired when sitting down.

TATONKA Tattoo card backpack backpack appearance is simple and clear, not too much redundant design. Olive green is also close to nature. The whole backpack about 42cm,Backpack Chair width 25cm, thickness of about 14cm. Capacity of about 20L, enough to meet the single day of the outdoor trip.

Backpack on both sides of the design of two relatively deep net bag, Backpack Chair can be used to carry large capacity outdoor water bottle.

Backpack main compartment with strap design, so that more space capacity, can effectively adjust the storage space.

Backpack main compartment outside the compartment, Backpack Chair which was an effective management, the design of the elastic molle and dark pocket can be effectively classified storage items. For this part of the space management, personal feeling can also be improved, where the elastic molle spacing are generally large, so the items placed if there is no certain radius, will be more relaxed, Backpack Chair the phenomenon of tie not tight. And if the length of the item is long, it will stretch into the dark pocket below, affecting the items in the pocket. So it is recommended that the elastic molle of the spacing is designed to be large and small, easy to place different types of items, dark pocket and molle do not put on the same side. Outside the mesh side of the bag, Backpack Chair suitable for placing commonly used items, be careful not to place a sharp water chestnut or water easily wet items.

Backpack part of the folding chair with a solid, lightweight aluminum alloy skeleton. Backpack Chair The maximum load of up to 110kg, under normal circumstances enough to meet the needs of most people.