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Bicycle Accessories Timely Maintenance
Sep 11, 2017

The chain in contact with rain and snow or wet environment prone to corrosion, Bicycle Accessories if happened to your riding frequency in this period of time rarely, Bicycle Accessories then we must begin to pay attention to the small changes in the chain Oh, but rust do not worry, Maintenance still have to save Oh!

First chain flywheels should be cleaned with a mild detergent. In addition, Bicycle Accessories the use of neutral detergent cleaning chain, the use of chain oil lubrication chain can also effectively extend the sprocket and chain life. You can also go to the shop shop for professional technicians for you to do a demonstration and teaching Oh

The locking piece is the connection between the riding shoes and the foot. Shimano foot and lock pieces are developed as a whole. So they can work with precision, Bicycle Accessories thus ensuring the best power transmission and security. However, the locking plate may wear out in particular when walking. Therefore, Bicycle Accessories they should be replaced in a timely manner, or use the lock cover to maintain comfort and reliability.

First of all, said the hub, according to the frequency and intensity of 6-12 months on the drums for maintenance, it is recommended to use Shimano special lubricants, prohibit the use of high-pressure water gun directly flushing tower, will cause the dust into the internal ratchet to produce abnormal wear, Bicycle Accessories Hard to clean up.

Pumping pipe process: pumping pipe is the process, but the process of pumping the major requirements of the brand are not the same, why some of the expensive frame, Bicycle Accessories because the process is good, not only reduce the weight and in the pumping at the same time to create more consistent with the principle of mechanical management Type, the current mountain bike aluminum alloy frame used the highest three pumping pipe, to achieve better stiffness higher strength. But this shelf is very high scrap rate, Bicycle Accessories which is why the reasons for selling expensive.

Fire tribe on the frame of the beam and under the beam all the use of three pumping technology, so that after three times polished metal pipe wall, Bicycle Accessories making thinner and lighter metal density higher.

Using 7 aluminum and three pumping technology such technology to ensure that our frame net weight is only 1580g.

The tube tube type uses a sturdy one-piece shaped tube design, which is not only an increase in the flow linearity of the frame, Bicycle Accessories Increase the transmission of a certain force, so as to improve the efficiency of a certain frequency.

Cone head tube is the head of the frame below the top of the larger, Bicycle Accessories the above specifications for the 44mm, the following is 56mm, this design because the upper tube and the fork fork shoulder contact area is larger, so the fork on the tube strength better , Bicycle Accessories Can be adapted to the higher intensity of the ride, in the corner and downhill time to bring a better sense of manipulation.