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Bike Backpacks Design
Sep 11, 2017

Bicycle backpack is designed based on riding, Bike Backpacks it has a lot of features for riding, and ordinary backpack or a certain difference. Mainly from the carrying system, storage space and other functions to explain.

Fixed, carrying system

As in the course of the ride, Bike Backpacks the body in the non-stop shaking, resulting in a lot of heat. So the bicycle backpack generally have belts, chest buckle and heat carrying system. Belt, chest buckle is designed to prevent backpack shaking, and can be part of the weight of the backpack to the waist. As for the burden of the system, the brand's products have their own characteristics, Bike Backpacks but probably are stressed that fixed, weight loss and ventilation of these features. Bike Backpacks Not to mention which is good, which is not good, each has its own, so try to buy when you feel more accurate.


Due to the limitations of the cycling itself, riding the backpack of the storage space is often not large. This is because the process of riding a heavy bag in the process, Bike Backpacks will affect the ride. Small backpack may be only 3 liters of the market, but also about 30 liters backpack, usually choose more than ten liters of riding backpack more combined.

As the ride over the need for non-stop water, so riding a backpack are generally designed to put water bags, but need to pay attention to the water bag is usually not with the backpack, to be purchased separately. There will be a place where the helmet is stored on the backpack, Bike Backpacks usually tied to the helmet through the elastic rope. Backpack on both sides of the pool will also have a net bag, a variety of small pockets can be placed related to small items.

other functions

In addition to the basic storage functions and carrying the system, the backpack there are some other features, riders can choose according to need.

Waterproof function: riding outside will inevitably encounter rain, then you can waterproof backpack is very important. Usually backpack fabric can prevent splashing, Bike Backpacks and some will also be equipped with rain cover, so you can prevent greater rain.

Music player: Some riders like to listen to music while riding, Bike Backpacks although there is a certain risk. Backpack design, specifically to have a special place to store music player, easy to use riders.

Reflective warning: night riding, backpack on the reflective strip can cause the attention of the car. And many backpack also comes with a variety of hooks, Bike Backpacks you can be related to the tail lights fixed on the backpack.

Different brands of backpack will have a lot of other features, these features are practical, see the car you personally need.

To sum up, Bike Backpacks the riding backpack do not choose the capacity is too large, more than ten liters of the more appropriate; choose small, close the carrying system; need to bring rain cover; can carry a helmet; reflective warning design and so on.