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Cartridge Holder Do Not Force Too Much
Sep 11, 2017

Newly unpacked cartridges: the newly purchased ink cartridges are sealed packaging, the best placed in the sun can not shine, shelf life is generally as its packaging said, Cartridge Holder there will be a year or even longer. Ink in the ink cartridge is the liquid, the flow is the basic properties of the liquid, so when placed, should be put, Cartridge Holder to avoid the inverted, inverted ink will cause the ink at the ink, will affect the ink when the machine installed on the printing effect.

Opened cartridges: This should be less, Cartridge Holder usually in the process of using the replacement of the cartridge but not used up. At this time, you'd better find a more sealed box to put the cartridge upright, but can not be placed too long, the ink is liquid chemical substances, Cartridge Holder will evaporate or contact with the air and deterioration, may cause nozzle clogging.

In addition, the printer in the long distance of the moving or transport process, Cartridge Holder should try to keep the level, it is best to leave the ink cartridges and tape fixed.

Mainly by the cartridge bracket is not moving smoothly caused by the printer for a long time, the cartridge cleaning unit on the accumulation of a very thick dry solid waste ink, Cartridge Holder resulting in ink cartridge stent abnormal state, generally need to clean the cartridge cleaning unit Caixing.

Check whether the cartridge carriage inside the machine can move normally after startup. If it can not move normally, Cartridge Holder open the cartridge door on the front of the product.Cartridge Holder Check that there is no foreign matter on the guide rail of the fixed cartridge tray. If not, Cartridge Holder disconnect the power cord directly.

Move the cartridge tray manually to check whether you can move freely from one side of the unit to the other side.

Moderately press the side of the bracket, Cartridge Holder and then slide it back and forth, please pay attention to the process of moving too heavy.

If there is any obstruction in the movement, Cartridge Holder please carefully check if there is any shredding or obstruction on the carriage. Cartridge Holder If necessary, please remove the shredded paper and the obstacle.

Check whether the machine will once again be given an error, whether the machine will be issued inside the bracket was stuck Kaka sound.