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Fishing Accessories Maintenance Work
Sep 11, 2017

(1) off fishing, the need to open the bag has not been used after the trash, Fishing Accessories single hook with oil dip or placed in a dry carton, in the carton on some anhydrous calcium chloride, to prevent The hook is damp.

(2) the bomb hook, Fishing Accessories string hook on the bait cleaning, into the sun drying. And then immersed in oil to avoid the release of mildew, will damage the sub-line and hook, bait spring. Wipe dry into the paper bag after storage.

Pendant free time, should remove the water, so as to avoid the long days of too much oxide, affecting the use. The best way to put the lead down after the use of dry, placed in a dry lead box.

(1) long-term idle line, Fishing Accessories line to be placed in a dry cool and ventilated, dark place to save, in order to avoid sharp objects mixed in one place, scratch or indentation burr.

(2) usually do not have the line, from the bobbin line on the fishline down, both ends of the pad on the sponge, re-wrapped around, wrapped at the same time, Fishing Accessories should be careful not to make the fish line force, so as not to deformation.

(3) free time can be the sea pole (hand sea) on the reel on the line in the case of no load under the "internal strength", and then around, Fishing Accessories and then remove the fishing wheel, Fishing Accessories open the gear box cover, with a small amount of Rotor oil coated bearings, arm, shaking and other transmission parts. Placed in dry and ventilated place, beware of the rusty parts of the wheels.

The specific approach is: the reel first installed in the sea pole, Fishing Accessories hand pole, positioning, the line from the line piercing, the end of a "8" ring. Ring on the needle with a tight line on the main line of the "hollow fall", from the high-rise balcony at the end, to the release, Fishing Accessories do not need to fall to the ground. In this way, the fishline "internal strength" will be released, you will find that the pendant in a direction to turn, that is put "internal strength." And then pull the winding switch, re-wrapped around the fishing line, placed in a dry, dark, ventilated place, pole tip maintenance can not despise yo! Be sure to wear a shield, storage and iron to avoid mixed with the hard objects, so avoid bruising the sea pole, hand sea pole "heart" - winding wheel.

It should be noted that the maintenance of the pole tip can not be a big effect, we must give it to wear a shield. Put the time, remember not to iron or other hard objects put together, so as not to hurt the reel.

In the commonly used fishing gear, Fishing Accessories there are many small device members, such as the character ring, space beans, drift seats, scissors, etc., these fishing gear maintenance work can not be ignored. They should be stored in accordance with the species, as far as possible away from the sharp objects, Fishing Accessories so as to avoid a collision, deformation occurs, affecting the final use of the effect.

Lead fall away when placed, to clean up the water, keep dry, to prevent the release of time for a long time there are too many oxides, affecting the use of results. Fishing Accessories The best way is to use the lead after the fall to dry, placed in a dry lead box for preservation.