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Fishing Accessories Use Effect
Sep 11, 2017

Fishing gear is our out of fishing, the indispensable "weapons", Fishing Accessories without them, we have to do regular fishing gear maintenance. You want to catch carp, fishing carp, fishing grass or fishing silver carp and bighead carp, etc., no matter what fishing, even if you have no matter how good fishing techniques, there are more fish inside the water, can only be looked away. However, Fishing Accessories the fishing gear at the same time very fragile, it is prone to damage, fishing people want to use smoothly, with a long time, in a timely manner to maintain and repair is essential. Especially in the state of long-term closure, if not properly handled and maintained, Fishing Accessories it is likely that when you take out the next time, has been "riddled with", then regret, may be late.

1. The angler's decision to take a period of time to close the fishing, you need to open the bag but did not run out of the hook, a single hook, etc. Fishing Accessories for simple treatment. You can use the oil dipped, or placed in a dry carton inside, and put some in the carton anhydrous calcium chloride, to prevent the hook damp rust.

2. As for the bomb hook and string hook, Fishing Accessories first clean up the above bait after the sun on the drying, to ensure that the above no water stains, the oil inside the simple soaked to prevent the release of a long time Appear moldy, loss of sub-line, hook, bait spring and so on. Fishing Accessories After all this is done, keep the classification in the paper bag to keep it.

1. For a long time do not have the loose line, Fishing Accessories line, first on the dry and ventilated place to save, must not be mixed with sharp objects placed in order to avoid line body scratches, or indentation and burr, etc., Affect the use of the future effect.

2. usually do not want to fish line, you can take down from the bobbin, and then on both ends of the board after the sponge on the pad, and then repeat the wrapped well. Fishing Accessories Wrapped in the process, do not force pull lines, so as not to time for a long time deformation, it is difficult to restore the situation. The correct way is to let the line in a relaxed state.

3. When you are idle, you can also put the line on the reel of the sea pole (hand of the sea pole) in the case of the load, and then re-wrapped and unloaded the fishing wheel. The top of the gear box cover open, and then in the inside of the bearings, arm, Fishing Accessories handle and other parts to cast a little rotor oil. After making it, place it in a dry and ventilated place, and the same is done to prevent rusting parts such as wheels from being rusted.

Release the fish line "interior strength" when the specific approach, the first round of the wheel on the sea pole, hand pole, positioning, Fishing Accessories the line will be piercing the line from the line, and at the end of the "8" , And then on the ring with a pin on a good line of the main "hollow fall", put them down from the high altitude, to ensure that fall does not touch the ground, Fishing Accessories so that the fishline "internal strength" will be let go, you can Observed, the pendant in the rotation non-stop, this time it is put in the "internal strength." And then turn the wheel switch, the fishline to re-around, Fishing Accessories and then placed in a dry, ventilated, dark place.