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Gun Case Good Heat Dissipation
Sep 11, 2017

The main body of the chassis is made of high quality aluminum-copper alloy, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper super-hard aluminum alloy, with strong structure, beautiful appearance, Gun Case good heat dissipation and so on.

Molding process for the product into the designers of the endless imagination. Designers can choose the best production materials in the manufacturing process, Gun Case including a variety of materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The process of adding additives can effectively resist the invasion of the climate, electrostatic interference and other external objective factors. In the design process, the insertion of the mouth, thread, handle, inverted device, Gun Case the perfect surface design is one of the highlights. Designers can also design a multi-wall mold, its internal can be hollow, it can be filled with foam.

Cost advantage

When the cost has also become one of the factors we consider, Gun Case the rotomoulding process than other types of technology more market advantage. Gun Case In contrast to the blow molding process and the injection molding process, the rotational molding process is more capable of producing pieces of different sizes within the effective cost range. Its mold is relatively low to many, because it does not have some internal core needs to be completed. Gun Case And in the absence of the internal core of the case, Gun Case as long as a little change can be made into another model.

As the various parts of the production process are in the high temperature and rotation of the process of forming the final, different from those under the weight of the formation of components, so rotomoulding molds do not need to be like injection molding process also need to go through special processing can Withstand the test of weight.

As for the production of converting products for the production costs are also down, Gun Case because the light plastic to convert into heavy plastic, Gun Case often need to spend more raw materials. For the rotomolding process, the cost of saving a single type of original model will be its future high-yield development trend.

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