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Gun Holster Introduced The Concept Of The Module
Sep 11, 2017

The advantages of the leather holster: good concealment, Gun Holster soft texture, comfortable to wear, high-end Western style, summer clothing thin, the leather gun lap in the inside of the clothes when it is not easy to be perceived, as follows to have a leather lance in the reputation of Cadillac Of the US Galco holster and ESKI holster as an example.

The implementation of the service, we have experienced "people have three urgent", in the small solution or stool, a reminder of the gun will be down the belt down the ground. Like the United States "Blackhawk" this holster to solve your worries, in the back of the holster has a back plate, Gun Holster was half-arc, fit the waist curve, excellent man-machine effect, this piece of the waist will firmly , Belts and trousers waist three fixed together to form a whole, do not say easy to fall to the ground, Gun Holster that is, you will not throw the top guns thrown out. You can Tuk Tuku to unlock the belt, whether it is "flying down three thousand feet" or "big beads beads fall jade plate" can easily deal with.

The holster for the first time introduced the concept of the module, it is not a simple, solitary waistband or leg sets, but can quickly and easily through the module conversion, 1 minute before it is still a waist, 1 minute after the change Become a waist extension sleeve, Gun Holster or leg sets, or is the chest.

There are sets of guns, holster not only to facilitate the carrying pistol, but also to protect the pistol. So the early holster, only to put the gun into it, and then add a lid out of it. But the first line of action in the danger of people, always want their shot faster than the enemy, so there is a fast pull holster. Fast rappers in addition to meet the most basic needs to carry, first fast! Operation is simple, Gun Holster 1-2 actions can be freed. Second, to be safe, but often safe and fast, inversely proportional. Everyone is quick to understand, the safety of the holster, it is divided into two parts. 1. Lock security, will not fall, Gun Holster will not be robbed, guns will not be mistaken. 2. Operation is safe, there will be no risk of misuse. The safety level of the holster can be divided into l0-l4 level L0: Definitions: No locking mechanism, can have resistance (structural elasticity / thread knob) L1: Definition: Full weight does not fall, there is an independent locking device, A relief operation L2: Definition: full weight will not fall, there are two independent locking device, need to be lifted, Gun Holster two steps L3: Definition: full weight will not fall, there are three independent locking device, need to lift , One of which can be resistance L4: Definition: external protection devices, such as anti-baffle But for security, different people demand is not the same, such as front-line grassroots police to engage in some security requirements, Gun Holster special police hope faster, The demand for the holster is not the same. While playing IPSC competitions, they are demanding faster on the fast, so there is no locking mechanism.