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Hunting Backpack High Security
Sep 11, 2017

If you go to the wild backpack hunting, then the backpack will be a pivotal thing in the journey. Hunting Backpack A design unreasonable backpack,Hunting Backpack may ruin a trip; and if the use of convenient and comfortable package, will make you feel more relaxed. So, many hunters do budget, Hunting Backpack will be willing to back and forth in the backpack. Some high-end brand backpack, the price even with the shotgun flush.

Outdoor backpack has three basic types: internal frame type, external frame type and frame type. Generally believed that the internal frame of the package the highest comfort, Hunting Backpack their internal often with a soft aluminum plate for support, carrying the system adjustable and high security.

External frame package often aluminum tube or steel pipe for external support, internal capacity, easy to plug a variety of items, but this package is usually heavier, Hunting Backpack the overall structure of hard, back in the body comfort is not so good.

No frame package is an ordinary backpack, in the three types of the most common, the lowest price, student bag is one of the typical representative. Hunting Backpack This bag is relatively light weight, less than one-third of the internal frame package, but also the capacity of small, suitable for short trips, does not apply to long-distance travel.

No matter what kind of package to choose, there are some problems to note. First, choose the right size. Not all the size of the backpack are the same, Hunting Backpack and their size does not fit the backpack, a short time weight will appear fatigue, muscle soreness and even muscle damage, etc., Hunting Backpack if long time bear, the body is easy to eat. Internal and external frame package will have a carrying system, no frame package is not, this system can help the body to better load, and at the same time play a protective role.

Choose the most common one of the mistakes, that is, Hunting Backpack to their height as the standard, the correct approach should be based on the trunk length as a reference. The ideal length of the backpack, the top should reach the head when the neck extension of the uplift, Hunting Backpack the bottom to the hip slightly on the base of the spine.

Another important reference to measuring the backpack is the waist pad and belt. The belt should be able to disperse part of the weight to the top of the buttocks, Hunting Backpack allowing the big bones and muscles of the legs to support most of the weight of the backpack, not just the back and the shoulder. Hunting Backpack Waist pads and belts should be wide enough, the material should be comfortable and breathable. Top brands such as Gregory and Lowe Alpine will have products designed for both men and women, because there is a difference in body structure between men and women.

Do not buy back undocuable backpacks. To shop to buy, should bring a number of water bottles, and with a thick coat, the backpack will be transferred to their own position, to imitate the actual use of the scene, fully consider the comfort and practicality of the backpack. The backpack is too large; Hunting Backpack if the back itchy, a sense of friction, a sense of restraint, it means that the backpack is too small, that is, the backpack is too small, Or structural design is unreasonable.

(Including tapes, dampers, Hunting Backpack pockets and net pockets), easy access to items, and the ability to keep the weight of the product, External separation. Many backpacks are detachable small backpacks, ideal for hunting based on base camps; others are specially designed for mountaineering sticks or folding sticks, water bottles, GPS devices and sleeping bags; Hunting Backpack and some even have built-in gun boxes Or to place other types of weapons. In the face of many choices, please remember to choose to fit their own needs or slightly beyond their own needs of the product is appropriate.

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