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Snap Cap The Importance Of
Sep 11, 2017

The importance of the performance of the cap is carefully observed

In modern life, the use of mechanical equipment more and more widely, so heat treatment skills have also been widely used, of course, in a variety of hot processing time, there will be many problems, Snap Cap the processing process will be good or bad Whether the safe operation of the link, today the production of the card cap manufacturers - Yangzhou Ding Yi machinery and we discuss the principle of the meantime.

1, the operation of heat treatment processing, Snap Cap the equipment inspection and repair operations is very important, tubing and air pipe shall not leak, leak, the bottom should not have heavy oil.

2, should always pay attention to check the door and outlet active power equipment is outstanding, and the power distribution cabinet on the traffic lights are normal.

3, the operation of heat treatment should be noted that in the heat treatment processing station can not place any metal objects, to avoid short circuit.

4, for heat treatment processing, we should pay special attention to avoid the formation of special gas leakage poisoning.

5, the heat treatment processing operations, Snap Cap should pay special attention to avoid electric shock. The floor of the operating room should be laid with a rubber pad and care to avoid cooling the water spilled on the floor and other local.

6, in the heat treatment processing, should pay attention to adopt some cooling methods, so that the temperature of the quenching tank control below 80 ℃.

What are the ways to reduce deformation in subsequent operations?

Heat treatment process deformation occurs when the attack, Snap Cap in order to reduce this attack, we have to adopt the following approach.

1, nitriding heat treatment plant to ensure that the hardness of the premise of the mold, the cap as the best use of pre-cooling, grading cooling quenching or quenching process.

2, try to use vacuum heating quenching and quenching after the cryogenic treatment. On the fine messy mold, in the case of conditions permitting.

3, for some fine messy mold can be used pre-heat treatment, Snap Cap aging heat treatment, quenching and tempering nitriding heat treatment to control the accuracy of the mold.

4, nitriding heat treatment plant in the repair mold trachoma, stomata, wear and other defects, the use of cold welding machine and other small heat correction equipment to avoid the repair process of deformation occurred.

5, the card cap mold structure design should be reasonable, the thickness is not too disparate, the shape should be symmetrical, Dingxin heat treatment shows that the deformation of the larger mold to grasp the rules of deformation, reserved processing margin, Snap Cap on the large, fine messy mold optional combination structure.

6, fine miscellaneous mold to be pre-soft nitriding, to eliminate the mechanical processing of the residual stress occurred in the process.

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