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Snap Cap The Rules
Sep 11, 2017

The quality of the cap and the subsequent operation of the equipment are closely related

Aluminum doors and windows have occupied half of the doors and windows industry, the installation of doors and windows by many aspects of each small parts, have played a huge role, Snap Cap but many consumers in the purchase of aluminum doors and windows when they are worried about their own poor quality Of the card cap products, because the failure of aluminum doors and windows, the use of sunlight, air, rain and other effects, resulting in deformation of aluminum, and even cause glass rupture, shedding and so on. Snap Cap In order to help consumers buy to buy qualified products, experts listed three low-quality aluminum standards for the vast number of consumers reference:

First, the oxide film thickness is thin

National standards for building aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10um (microns). Thickness is not enough, aluminum surface corrosion, corrosion. Sampling in some non-production, site, production license, certificate of aluminum, the oxide film thickness of only 2 to 4um, and some even no oxide film. According to experts estimate that each reduction of 1um oxide film thickness, Snap Cap per ton of profiles can reduce the cost of electricity costs more than 100 yuan.

Second, chemical composition failed

Mixed with a large number of aluminum, aluminum scrap aluminum can greatly reduce the cost, but will lead to building aluminum chemical composition failed, seriously endangering the safety of construction.

Third, reduce the profile wall thickness

90 series sliding window type, according to national standards, the minimum wall thickness of aluminum is not less than 1.4mm, but many products on the market wall thickness of only 0.6 to 0.7mm. 46 series to the door type, the national standard use of aluminum wall thickness, Snap Cap the minimum is not less than 1.62mm, and some products only 0.97 to 1.18mm wall thickness.

High-quality card cap components to reduce the project a lot of time, reducing the loss of chemical reagents, the cost down, but the profile corrosion resistance is also greatly reduced.

What steps does the card cap go through during installation?

Open hole Installation of mechanical tee, Snap Cap Stone 1 in the steel tube on the ink line to determine the location of the joint branch hole

2. Secure the chain opening to the predetermined opening position on the cap.

3. Start the motor, turn the handwheel, so that the drill bit slowly close to the steel pipe, while the drill bit at the same time to add lubricant to protect the drill bit to complete the hole in the steel pipe.

4. Shut down, shake the hand wheel, Snap Cap open the chain, remove the hole machine, clean up the metal block and hole parts of the residue, and grinding the hole with a smooth grinding machine.

5. The card cap set in the steel pipe, pay attention to the mechanical three links should be concentric with the hole, rubber seals and holes evenly gap, fastening bolts in place.

6. If the mechanical four-way, the hole must pay attention to ensure that the hole on both sides of the pipe concentric, or when the installation is completed, Snap Cap may lead to rubber ring rupture, and affect the water area.

In the installation process, in accordance with the first installation of large diameter, the main pipe, riser, after the installation of small diameter, in charge of the principle, in the installation process, must be installed in a row, not jumping, sub-installed, Snap Cap so as not to appear with the paragraph The connection between the difficulties and affect the overall performance of the pipeline.

1. Fix the steel pipe on the hanger and place the non-damaging rubber seal on the end of a pipe.

2. Insert the steel pipe with the lubricant at the other end into the rubber seal and turn the rubber seal so that it is in the middle of the interface.

3. Install the upper and lower clamps on the outside of the rubber seal and feed the collar of the clamp into the groove. Press firmly on the upper and lower clamp ears, tighten the nut in the clamp screw hole, Nuts in the process with a wooden hammer hammer hoop, to ensure that the rubber seal will not wrinkle, Snap Cap clasp lap need full circle into the groove.

4. In the rigid clamp connector 500mm on the pipeline to add support hanger.