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Ten Pheasant Hunting Tips
Sep 04, 2018


1.     Use a good bird dog

Each fall, many hunters are successful by walking through cover and flushing birds without a dog. But the most successful hunters are those with a good bird dog, be it a Lab or a pointer. Not only will a dog help you find more pheasants and other upland birds, but can also track down pheasants after they are shot.

2.       Learn to drive birds

3.       Hunt near water

4.     Practice marks perfect

5.       Select the right shoot

While many hunters prefer 20-gauge shotguns for pheasant hunting, some like a 16-gauge. And the ever-popular 12-gauge, also used for duck and goose hunting, will suffice.6

6.       Choose right time for your hunt

Just like most hunting and fishing, pheasant hunting tends to be at its best early in the morning and again in the evening.

7.      Find pheasant signs

8.      Be patient

9.      Hunt the cold

10.  Know the rags

Study the hunting regulations in your state before hunting. Regulation books will often include public-land release sites for pheasants.

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