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The Popularization Of Golf Has Became A Trend
Sep 03, 2018


In the eyes of many Chinese, golf is the sport of the rich, and the golf course is not accessible to ordinary people. The prejudice that people habitually attach to unfamiliar things, such as speculation, which is the first "barrier" that many people dare not let their children enter the golf course.


Is it expensive to play golf? Compared with athletics, football and so on, the price is really not so "common people". But the cost of learning golf is not much different from learning the piano or tennis. The reason why it is misinterpreted is mainly related to the late start and little understanding of the development of golf in China.


In the interview, many parents of young players sincerely sigh, from "playing" the beginning of the golf game to open up thinking, golf plays an important role in shaping a good character.. The transformation from "noble sport" to "gentlemen sport" and then to "common sport", golf is expected to become a trend.



Nowadays, golf is becoming more and more popular in Shenzhen. Shanghai golf association and several middle schools jointly promoted "campus golf". Golf has entered the campus and become one of the interesting sports courses in several primary and middle schools. There are more than ten youth competitions held in the association each year, each of which can attract hundreds of players. The average contestant only needs to pay the registration fee of 200 Yuan to 400 Yuan. These are welcome changes in the development of golf.

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